People are not led by people. They are led by ideas. Ideas that are inherently good, ideas that make sense and ideas that work!

We believe that the source of human energy can be found in the distance between where we are and where we’d like to be. For any journey to have enough energy to reach its destination there has to be a desire to explore something beyond ourselves. Something better. Some call this vision. Some call it strategy. Some call it hope. We call it purpose.

A clear, compelling and credible purpose bigger than your product®  is the first order of business for anyone seeking to build truly great organizations.

A clear, compelling and credible purpose bigger than your product® is the first order of business for anyone seeking to build truly great organizations.

Once you know where you want to go it is critical to know how to get there. Many organizations lack focus and clear alignment of activities. In our experience we have found that too many organizations are either short on why or short on how. The ones short on why are often lower on human energy, stakeholder trust and speed of innovation. The ones short on how are often short on profits, discipline and management talent. The winners are of course those few companies that know where they are going and know how to get there.

Our mission is to bridge this gap between why and how. The opportunities we will look for most likely fall in one of two categories. The first group are probably earlier stage growth companies that have a strong purpose (they have their why) but lack the expertise in how to scale and replicate their early victories without diluting their brand essence. We expect the first investment to be smaller but probably followed by several other capital injections. The second category are often previously successful companies that have lost their inner voice. They became too bureaucratic and too corporate and lost their magic touch. In those cases our journey begins with clarifying their purpose and sharpening their delivery against fewer activities. Focus, alignment and discipline are often the key ingredients of those growth restarts.

There are a few themes that must hold true for everything we engage ourselves in:

  1. The company must be involved in solving a problem for a large addressable market (Purpose bigger than product)
  2. The company must have real revenues, real profits and real value.
  3. We are long term investors. We believe real value is created over many years. Not quarters.
  4. We like few shareholders with full alignment of interest.
  5. We like to be in control of the company or at least the most important decisions (capital, people, strategy)