The Argument for Purpose Bigger Than Product

Posted on January 15th, by Mats Comments Off on The Argument for Purpose Bigger Than Product

Many people ask constantly about the arguments for a more purposeful capitalism. Hidden in that question is really a doubt that purpose can also generate profits. As most of you know that is an unfortunate misunderstanding on the fundamentals of real success. As we have learned from most of our masters in the past, success is an emergent phenomenon. It cannot be pursued directly. It is the result of us focusing on the INPUTS. Not the OUTPUTS.

The article written and posted in Harvard Business Review in early 2013 is perhaps the most elegant and concise version I have seen to date. It says it all. It also has the benefit of being written by people who actually have done and keep doing it. Not a small detail. As we also have learned. Parents can tell but never teach, unless they practice what they preach.