Posted on May 18th, by Mats Comments Off on THE HOW REPORT

Dear Friends and Partners!

As most of you know, I am a friend, partner, supporter, investor and board member of LRN. I passionately believe that culture truly is the new frontier of capitalism in this new interconnected, hyper-transparent and increasingly distributed world of ours.

Obviously culture has always mattered. After all. We are humans. We are spiritual creatures. In business I think we sometimes make assumptions that make it easier to model human behavior. In economic theory many assumptions conveniently ignore the emotional and irrational side of human behaviors eventhough we all know we don’t always make rational decisions. It is therefore promising and encouraging to see the evolution and progress made in for instance the field of behavior economics where more rationalism is being replaced with more realism.

It is also obvious that the penalties for making mistakes are felt by more and more companies. With billions of observers all equiped with cameras and social platforms bad or wrong behaviors spread like nasty viruses. And perhaps as a consequence of this it seems that the best talent are increasingly motivated by working for a cause as much as for a company. They want meaning as much as money.

While it is understandable that many institutions and politicians are advocating more rules as the way to “control” a fluid and dispersed economy it is nevertheless counterproductive. The impotence and ineffectiveness of regulation is seen and felt every day. The best way to get out of a problem has always been to avoid it. As Franklin said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is true in health care, it is true in education and it certainly true with all type of behaviors.

The question is of course how you know your own culture? How do we measure it? How can we manage it?

These are the questions that LRN as a company are trying to answer. They have been at this for quite a while and they are getting better at it daily. Some people believe the truly soft matters can’t be measured. I believe they can. We just need to start with the belief and core conviction that the direction and allocation of human capital matters as much as that of financial capital.

LRN has recently published their HOW report. Please click HERE to read what Dov Seidman says about the report. It is both inspiring and impressive to see the statistical rigor, the third party validation as well as both the depth and breadth of data analyzed in getting to conclusions around HOW METRICS. These findings are promising, inspiring and incredibly exciting to all of us who believe that how we do things matters as much as what we do.

You can download this HOW report on your IPAD or on your computer and read it at your leisure. Please share it broadly in your network.